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Mentions refer to the ability to tag specific user by using the “@” symbol followed by their username. While you keep working on the tasks, you may need to mention other users e.g. notify them about updates, request feedback, alert them about issues, or tag them in discussions. 

Users will receive a notification the moment you tag them.

You can mention users in any text field in KanBo, which is:

You can only mention space users of the actual space.

Mentioning users

Use mentions to tag a user in a specific text field. You can do it two ways.

Standard way to mention a user in a text field:

  • Click in the text field for edition, and then type “@” and the user name.

You don’t have to type in the whole username, you can select it from the list of users that appears when you type “@”.

Alternative way to mention user:

  • Drag a specific user’s avatar, and move it to a text field.

To mention users in notes using this method, you must first activate the text field by clicking in the note.

Users mentioned in to-do list items will become card users after converting to-do list items into cards.


Only space users who are following the space will be notified about the new chat message.

Comments are located in the card activity stream. Only users who follow the card will be notified of new comments. Chat is more like a public place, but again, only space users who follow the space will be notified of new messages. You can give likes to chat messages.

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