Grouping Description

Grouping description is a feature specifying the purpose of the grouping creation. Sometimes a name is not enough. There are situations where certain groupings need clarification. If you would like to add information for other users, you can add a description to them.

Descriptions are available when cards are grouped by:

The description is visible after hovering the grouping.

Add a description

Only space owners can add and change descriptions. Members and visitors can only see them.

Grouping descriptions are empty by default – you need to add them yourself. 

  1. Open the space.
  2. Click on the info icon on the top part of a grouping.
  1. Now you can enter your description. The Rich Text formatting is supported.
  2. Click Save to confirm.

See the description

You can hover over a grouping to see its description. If it is set, a description will appear above.

Change the description

Only space owners can add and change descriptions.

You can select the information icon to enter the descriptions editing field. Create a new description and save it.

Go to card grouping settings for more.

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