Mind Map View

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Lists and Tables are not enough for creative work? We offer a more flexible view. A Mind Map view is a graphical representation of the relations between cards. The most visual and individual way of planning and task arrangement.

Examples of use:

  • brainstorming
  • business strategy planning
  • preparing a presentation
  • event planning
  • summary of knowledge
  • project planning
  • marketing campaigns

These are just a handful of the possibilities offered by the Mind Map view. You can use it for new ideas or task planning as well as for presenting the current project in a new, refreshed way. 

Learn more about this space view. See how to:


Yes, you can observe card relations in the Gantt Chart view too. There is also an option to expand child cards in the Kanban view and List view.

Even if the card has more than one parent, only one of them is the default parent. The connection visible on the Mind Map view is the one between the child card and the default parent card.

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