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Card status is a feature that tells you about the progress of card realization. It is one of the very first things you see in KanBo. When you create a new space, you start with the default Kanban view and three empty status fields. Learn how to customize them to better fit your project.

When you create a new space, you see three card statuses: To Do, Doing, and Done. These fields are ready to be filled with cards.

To add a new card you can click on a round + button in the upper middle part of each field. You can choose the initial status of the card by selecting the field in which you click the button.

Every card can be assigned to only one status at a time.

There are 4 available card status roles to choose from. Each of them has a different icon and meaning. You can add as many statuses as you need, and change their colors and names. You can change the order of card statuses too.

By knowing the status of the card, KanBo can calculate the work progress at each stage of the project. This data will allow you to make further analyses and forecasts related to your company’s work.

Distinguish card statuses from each other by using different colors.

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Card status is a feature in KanBo that shows the progress of a card realization.

Every card front has a circle around the status icon, which shows the work calculation progress.

No, a card can only have one status at a time.

The Information status is used for cards that contain important information but are not executable. It does not represent the progress of completing a card. Cards with Information status are not included in the work progress calculation.

Yes, you can customize the initial card statuses by adding, removing, or renaming them. You can also change the color and the order of card statuses.

You can change the status of a card by dragging and dropping it in the space, selecting a new status in the card details section, or using the Quick Actions menu.

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