Duplicating Spaces

You can use the old space to create a new, similar one without having to recreate all the cards and settings from scratch. Reuse your own work.

You must have the Adding Spaces role to duplicate spaces.

A copied space will have the same structure as the original space, according to the following rules:

How to duplicate a space?

Learn how to copy a space:

  1. Open the space.
  2. Click More (the three-dots menu).
  3. Select  Copy Space.

Another way to make this action is by selecting this option from the space tile.

  1. Then, you need to enter the name of the new space. Optionally you can set a start and end date or change the default background color.
  2. If there were document sources, you must decide, if you want to:
    • copy,
    • attach,
    • or don’t include documents at all.
  3. Then you must select to create New Office 365 Group or attach it to an existing one.
  1. Click Copy.

Another way to create a new space based on the existing space is the space template. Use your proven space as a pattern for new ones.


Yes, during space duplication you can decide if you want to copy, attach, or don’t include space documents at all. You can also change the name and background color during the duplication process.

Space owners, members, and visitors will not be copied.

We recommend creating a space template, using it to make new spaces periodically, and closing the old ones (closed spaces can be restored).

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