Creating Card Statuses

Only space owners can create or delete card statuses.

You can create new statuses and give them meaning with names, roles, and colors. How to create a new status?

  1. Open a space.
  2. Make sure that you are at Kanban view with card grouping by the status option selected.
  3. Find + Create card status button and click on it to open the definition menu.
  1. Here you can set the namecolor, and role of the new status.
  1. After completing all fields, select Add to save your status.


Card status is a feature in KanBo that shows the progress of a card realization and indicates what stage your task is in.

Yes, you can customize the initial card statuses by adding, removing, or renaming them.

You can group cards by statuses, card lists, users, due dates, and labels.

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