Coloring Mind Map View

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Coloring all the lines at once

You can color the root node and connecting lines in the Mind Map view. If you change the color of the root node, other lines will also change color. When you add cards that have relations to the root node and other cards, the color of the root node is always used. 

Coloring separate lines

You can also set the color of any card connections individually. Just hover over the line and select one. Now when you add new or existing child cards to the mentioned card, all the lines starting from that card will inherit the same color. Changing the color of the root node now will not change the line colors you set individually. 

This functionality will extend your possibilities to give these relations even more meaning. 


When you change display settings at space view, there is an option to save, discard the changes or save it as a personal view. Only you can see a personal view, but every card action will be visible to everyone on the space.

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