Creating Cards

Cards are the basic unit of KanBo. These are the ones that create the content of the spaces. Create your first card and see how easy it is.

Only space owners and space members can create cards.

Note, that you can also create a card using a card template. This allows you to create many cards based on one model card.

To create a card:

  1. Open a space.
  2. Click on the + at the top of every grouping
  3. Select a card template (optional).
  4. Enter the name.
  5. Click Add.

The card will be created in the grouping where you clicked the + button.

You can create cards using the plus icon in

You can also create cards in different ways, using Timeline view and Mind Map view


Cards are the most fundamental units of KanBo. They can represent tasks or projects that need to be tracked and managed. Its complex structure helps with work organization.

Yes, you can duplicate a card or make a card template using an existing card. Then you can create new cards based on that template.

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