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Space is the new name for the board.
Coming soon with the KanBo 3.0 version!

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The space activity stream is a real-time feed that provides a centralized view of all the activities, updates, and changes happening within a specific space. It displays a chronological list of actions, such as card creations, updates, comments, attachments, and more.

To open the space activity stream:

  • On the top space bar, select the Activity.

The activity stream is a universal feature that is available in every card, in every space, and even associated with every user. The space activity stream serves as a collaborative hub where users can track progress, engagement, and communication within a team.

There are three detail levels of the activity stream:

  • Everything
  • Relevant
  • Comments

If you would like to be notified of all space actions, follow the space.

Space activity counter

The number of recent space actions you have not seen is always listed next to the name of the space in the Workspaces & Spaces section on the Sidebar.

You can open the space activity stream by selecting this indicator.

Learn more about the activity stream concept.


Yes, all space actions are displayed in the space activity stream, which includes actions related to the cards in that space. All cards also have their own card activity stream.

There are three detail levels to choose from – everything, relevant, and comments.

You can only see the actions that relate to spaces that you have access to.

Yes. With real-time working, which is a fundamental KanBo feature, you are always up to date with the changes made by other users. There’s no need to refresh your browser to see the latest activity.

If you see a number next to the space name in the Workspaces & Spaces section, this is a notification counter. It tells you the number of unseen space actions.

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