Chat is the place where space members can talk about general topics not directly related to a specific card.

Messages written by you are marked with light blue color.

There are functionalities like mentioning, liking, replying, and sorting by the newest posts or threads. You can also add Rich Text to your messages.

To enter the chat, select the Chat button on the top space bar.

Enabling the space chat

Space chat is an option. Space owners can decide if it is needed. Activation of the chat is available in the space settings.


Comments are located in the card activity stream. Only users who follow the card will be notified of new comments. Chat is more like a public place, but again, only space users who follow the space will be notified of new messages. You can give likes to chat messages.

No, there is no edit or delete chat messages option.

No, typing indicator works only with comments in the card activity stream.

Only space users who are following the space will be notified about the new chat message.

Only space owners can enable space chat with space settings.

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