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Kanban is a visual method of workflow management. The main idea behind it is to limit work in progress, focus on completing tasks before starting new ones, and continuously improve processes.

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In KanBo, the Kanban view is used to organize and visualize cards. The Kanban board is the first space view you see in KanBo.

When creating a new space, you begin with the default Kanban view. This view divides the space into columns, which are card status groupings. That space view consists of groupings representing different workflow stages, while cards represent tasks that need to be done. Statuses indicate the progress of completing a card.

See the following example of the space with a Kanban view.

You can analyze the progress of card realization with card statuses.

Groupings are much more than card statuses. Each of them has a different meaning and defines a specific category of cards. What they represent depends on the type of card grouping you choose. For example, you can change the card grouping option from statuses to users, due dates, or even create a new type with custom fields.

The Kanban view has more benefits. Learn how to use:


Yes, you can create more Kanban views in one space and customize them with different settings.

Go to display settings in Kanban view to enable the timeline.

Kanban Swimlanes is a feature that allows two-dimensional grouping possible. It is available in every Kanban view, you just have to set the vertical grouping on your space in the same way as a horizontal grouping.

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