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Space is the new name for the board.
Coming soon with the KanBo 3.0 version!

Plan and manage your projects more effectively, starting with KanBo space templates. Create new spaces based on existing and proven ones. Space templates can be customized to meet the specific needs of a team or project, and obviously can save time and effort when creating spaces.

Board template theoretical scheme. One board template is linked to the boards based on it.

Enable your project teams to adapt through organizational learning. Allow every project team to benefit from your organization’s accumulated project management and process knowledge. Turn your spaces into templates and use them for further work on new projects.

Board template practical example scheme. Board template named Event Planning with three boards based on it named Environmental Film Festival, Sustainable Fashion Show and Cleaning Up the World.

Use space templates at work

Create space templates from scratch or use existing spaces to create them.

After you select a template, use it to create a new space or apply it to an existing space.

You need the Templates role to be able to perform these actions.

See all your space templates

  1. Open the KanBo Navigation Panel.
  2. Select  Spaces.
  3. Select Space templates.


Only users with Adding Spaces and Templates roles assigned can create space templates. Go to KanBo Roles for more information.

Yes, you can enter the space template and customize it like a simple space.

Besides space templates, you can also use card templates and document templates.

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