Adding Cards to My Space

My Space is the new name for the MyBoard.
Coming soon with the KanBo 3.0 version!

My Space is the best way of organizing your tasks. Manage your personal Kanban space of work while all cards in this particular space are mirrors of cards from the origin project spaces. Movements of cards in My Space do not have any effect on the origin project spaces.

Add a single card to My Space

You can easily add a card to My Space:

  1. Open the desired space.
  2. Enter the card.
  3. Find My Space fields in the card details section.
  1. Click on the Not in My Space button.

The button will change to In My Space and turn blue.

You can also use Quick Actions to add a card to My Space.

From the card level, you can change the card list in My Space. This action will not change the card list in the source space.

Add multiple cards to My Space at once

You can add all cards in which you are working to My Space at once. Specify if you wish to add cards in which you are a Person Responsible or a co-worker – or even both. 

  1. Go to My Space.
  2. Click on the three-dots menu button next to your avatar on the top.
  3. Select Add my cards button.
  1. Select which cards you wish to add to My Space (person responsible, co-worker, or both).
  2. Specify a target list for all cards (a list in My Space).
  3. Click + Add cards from all spaces.


  1. Select spaces you want to include in this action.
  2. Click + Add cards from selected spaces to confirm this action.

Add cards to My Space automatically

Decide if you want cards to be added automatically to My Space when you are the Person Responsible or a Co-Worker.

  1. Go to My Space.
  2. Click More (the three-dot menu button) next to your avatar on the top.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Card adding rules.
  5. Enable preferred option.
  6. Choose the target card list.


My Space is a personal space that allows you to bring cards from multiple spaces to one place, prioritize your workload and manage your own tasks efficiently.

There are two ways to add a card to My Space – you can add a single card by clicking the Not in My Space button on the card details section, or you can add multiple cards by selecting the desired cards from the “Add My Cards” option in My Space settings.

You can easily remove cards from My Space by clicking on the Remove from My Space option in the card details section or by using Quick Actions. You can also perform this action from the Followed Cards view by clicking Unfollow.

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