Moving Boards between Different KanBo Environments

If you’re working on multiple projects or collaborating with external teams, you may need to move your boards between different KanBo environments. It can be a time-saving feature, especially when you need to create a board with a very similar structure or content.

Learn this trick to level up your work in three steps:

  1. Download the board you want to move as a board template.
  2. Upload this board template at the new environment.
  3. Create a new board using this template.

You can remove the board template after creation of the board in the new environment.

Here you can find the detailed instruction for downloading and uploading board templates.


You can move a board between KanBo Environments using board template feature. You will need to download the board from the first KanBo environment as a board template and upload it at the new environment. Then create a new board using this template.

Yes, the board created with the board template will still exist after deleting the board template.

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