Activity Stream

Activity stream is a feature that can be compared to a journal. It is a list of activities with information about the time when they happened. Use it to read about all actions that take place in a board or a card. 

If you need to find the specific information in activity stream, try to set one of the three detail levels: Comments, Relevant, or Everything. Learn more about the differences between activity stream’s detail levels.

Every action that takes place in KanBo will be recorded instantly in related card’s and board’s activity streams. It will also occur at activity stream of the user who performed it, since each user has also their own activity stream.

Every card, board and user has its own actvity stream.

It does not mean that you can see everyone’s activity. Only actions that happened at the boards and cards you have access to, will be visible for you.

Discover activity streams

Activity stream is a complex idea. It exists both in a board and card. When you made an action in a card, it will be shown also at a board and at your own activity stream. If other user make an action in a card you follow, you will get notification about this fact.

1. Go to Board Activity Stream

Press the activity stream icon.

You can find the icon of activity stream at KanBo home too. It is located in the corner of each board. Next to the icon you can see the number of actions that happened after your last visit.

The counter of activity is also located on the navigation panel. You can find it next to the board.

2. Go to Card Activity Stream

Card activity stream is located in the center section of a card.

Number of actions that happened in cards from the time of your last visit are highlighted with the bell icon at the board view.

3. Go to User Activity Stream

See actions of KanBo users. Go to user activity stream. Remember that you may not have permission to see everything.

4. What about notification center?

Notification center is a form of selective activity stream. All activities that are important to you can be shown as personal notifications. In order to be informed you must follow cards you are interested in.

5. Learn how to use it

Activity stream consist of list of actions ordered chronologically with responsible users and dates assigned.

  • You can change the way of displaying actions by setting different detail level.
  • You can add a bookmark to important actions to save it for yourself.
  • Find out when was the last visit in the card of other users with card presence indicator.

When you hover over a date (e.g. 3 hours ago, 2 months ago) you will see the exact date and hour of action.


Yes, all board actions are presented in the board activity stream, which includes actions related to the cards in that board. All cards have a card activity stream section. There is a space for comments too. 

There are three detail levels to choose from – everything, relevant and comments.

You can see only this user’s actions that are related to boards you have access to.

Yes. With the real-time work, which is a fundamental KanBo feature, you will be always up to date with changes made by other users. You don’t have to refresh your browser to see recent activity.

If you can see a number next to the board name on the navigation panel, it is a notification counter. It informs about the amount of unread notifications.

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