Document Templates

What is a document template?

Document template is a file you can connect to KanBo and use it directly from the card to create new documents.

Document template theoretical example scheme. The board contains three Document Template Sources attached with .pptx, .xls and .docx file extensions. There are two cards with the files created using the document templates.

Why do you need document templates?

The advantages are much more than just saving time:

  • Consistency: Using templates can help ensure that all documents have a consistent look and feel, which can improve the professional image of the company.
  • Efficiency: They can save time and effort by providing a starting point for new documents, eliminating the need to recreate common formatting and layout elements from scratch each time.
  • Branding: Documents can include logos, colors and other branding elements helping to reinforce the company’s brand identity.
  • Collaboration: Templates make it easier for multiple people to work on the same document. They provide a clear structure and can be set up to include revision tracking and other collaboration tools.
  • Quality: They can help ensure that documents are well-organized and easy to read. Good way to improve the overall quality of the company’s communications.

How can we help you?

KanBo offers the possibility of availing existing document templates. By connecting your corporate document library with KanBo, you will gain easy access to files for each employee. 

Moreover, you will forget about the problem of multiple versions of the same file. The only one source document template will be stored at your library. Any changes to its content will be automatically applied in KanBo. Therefore, when you want to create a document based on it, you will always get the latest version.

There are 4 steps to make your work easier:

  1. Prepare a source = create a library of document templates
  2. Connect the source with KanBo = add a link to the files directory
  3. Add the source to the Board = choose a catalog of templates for the Board
  4. Work with document templates = create files based on ready-made templates

You can also create card templates for creating cards with prepared document templates inside. You can share document access for particular departments and workers. Go to our guide about working with card templates.

For better understanding of this feature, we will use the following example.

Document template practical example scheme. There is a board called Marketing Strategy with three Document Template Sources attached: 1. Presentation.pptx, 2. Annual Report.docx and 3. Marketing Proposal.docx. This board has the card with the file called Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2023.pptx created using the first document template.

Let’s start to work with document templates in KanBo!

1. Prepare a document templates source

All document templates you may need in a Board should be placed in one folder. Of course, there can be lots of subfolders with many files inside, but the most important now is the main folder – the source. You need to link it with KanBo. We recommend using SharePoint for this purpose.

Here you can see seven folders. Each of them was prepared for a different department of the company and its corresponding Boards. It’s quite possible that you already have a file library, move on to the next step then.

2. Connect document template sources with KanBo

First, connect a source folders with KanBo. Then you will be able to add them to the Board and, as a result, to the card. See how to make it in a few simple steps.

Make sure you have the Document sources role configured as a user.

  1. Open KanBo and go to  Settings.
  1. Select  Document templates sources.
  2. Press + Add button.
  3. Type a name and paste a link to the document templates library (use SharePoint). 
  4. Click on Add to finish.

If you have lots of templates for different boards, we recommend to add each folder separately. 

Note that it must be a SharePoint folder, not a whole group.

3. Add document template sources to your Board

Choose template source you need at this board.

  1. Open a board and go to  Settings.
Board settings
  1. Select  Document templates sources.
  2. Press + Add document template sources to this board.
  3. Choose the one you connected with KanBo earlier and click + Add selected. If you connected more sources, select only that you may need at this board.
  1. Now it’s added to the board.

4. Use document templates at work

Create new documents in a card using templates.

  1. Enter a card.
  2. Press + Add element in the top right corner of the card.
  3. Select Document position.
  1. Choose  Add new document from template.
  2. Select document template source.
  1. Go through the folders and find a file you need.
  1. Type a name for the document created with this template.
  1. Press Add

A new document will appear at the card. As you see, it is not an empty file but ready to work template of a company document.

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