List Description

List description is a feature specifying the purpose of list creation. Sometimes a name is not enough.

There are situations where certain lists needs clarification. If you would like to add information for other users, you can add a description to the list easily.

List description is available at Lists and Status lists.

Only board owners can add and change descriptions. Members and visitors can only see them.

Add a list description

List descriptions are empty by default – you need to add them yourself. 

  1. Press the info icon on the list.
  1. Now you can enter your description. Formatting in the rich text is supported.
  2. Press Save to confirm.

See the list description

You can hover over a list to see its description if it’s set. It will appears below the list.

Change the list description

Any time you can select the information button to enter the descriptions editing field. Create a new description and save it.

Go to list settings for more.

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