Kanban View

Kanban board is the first Board view you see in KanBo. When you create a new Board, you begin with the default Kanban view and three empty lists grouped by statuses

Statuses indicate progress of completing a card. Each column has different meaning and defines a specific stage of a workflow. Cards represent tasks to be performed in the project.

Performing your work with the use of cards and statuses lists will give you opportunities for later efficiency analysis. 

The type of lists used at Kanban view represents the card features and statuses are only one of them. You can change card grouping option from statuses to labels or users for example.


Yes, you can create more Kanban views in one board and customize them with different settings.

Go to display settings in Kanban view to enable the timeline.

Kanban Swimlanes is a feature that makes two-dimensional grouping possible. It is available at every Kanban view, you just need to set vertical grouping to your board in the same way as horizontal grouping.

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