Editing Documents

In KanBo you can work on one source file together with your co-workers. Each change is visible in real time. Forget about multiple versions of the same document. Share the one actual file with others.

When the document is attached to multiple cards, its changes will be visible in every of them. Old version will be replaced with the new one automatically. It also means that every person who is following the card will get notification about that fact.

The changes you made will appear immediately in all places where the document is present. You can find out about them with document references.

Documents are one of Card Elements, that’s why information about its modification will be shown in the card activity stream. 

Two ways of editing

For your convenience there are two ways you can edit a document: 

no matter what you choose, your document will behave the same.

Note that edition of downloaded document will results in no updates in the source document.

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