Creating Board Templates Using Existing Boards

Only users with Adding Boards and Templates roles assigned can create board templates. Go to KanBo roles for more information.

If you have a well-arranged and useful board, you can create a template out of it.

  1. Open the board.
  2. Press more button (three dots) and open the board menu.
  1. Select Create board template.
  1. Type a name.
  2. Set the background color, start and end date (optional).
  3. If there were document sources, you must decide, if you want to:
    • copy,
    • attach,
    • or don’t include documents at all.
  4. Then select to create New Office 365 Group or attach to existing one.
  5. Press on Add.

Now you can use it to create new boards.

When you create a new board using this board template, you will be asked again whether you want to create a new Office 365 Group or attach to an existing one.

A freshly created board will have the same structure as the template, according to the following rules:


Yes, we offer a whole range of available board templates KanBo Business Templates for various industries and company departments.

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